Our Approach

At Jacksonville Lighthouse Charter School, we prepare our scholars for their future through rigorous and relevant programs that provide them with a solid academic foundation. Our unique arts-infused curriculum places an emphasis on social development. We also integrate diverse cultural opportunities to augment learning and broaden horizons.

What We Expect

We believe that when we set high expectations, our students will rise to meet them. At Jacksonville Lighthouse Charter School we expect:

  • nothing less than excellence;
  • scholars to arrive on time daily ready to excel in academics;
  • scholars to work hard, get smart, and graduate from college;
  • scholars to learn something new each day and give 100% effort in everything they do; and
  • scholars to learn from their mistakes and to never give up trying to reach their goals.


Good character is not an accident—it takes work. We expect all of our scholars to strive towards developing the following characteristics: 

  • S.H.I.N.E 
  • Self-Discipline
  • Humility
  • Intelligence
  • Nobility
  • Excellence

Scholars with the character and drive to succeed during their high school years continue to build strong character traits, including the following:

  • A.C.E.S
  • Becoming an active community member
  • Critical thinking skills and the ability to express creativity
  • Effective communication
  • Self-discipline and self-management


The influence of leaders, mentors, and teachers can be profound. At JLCS, our team of educators share our enthusiasm towards lifelong learning—for themselves and for their scholars. 

  • JLCS teachers are dedicated and focused on individualizing learning for each scholar through rigorous, arts-infused instruction.
  • JLCS teachers receive 160 hours of professional development training throughout the year, including whole group instruction as well as coaching sessions focused on individual educator growth.
  • Our CPA teachers are special—they go above and beyond the scope of teaching to ensure that scholars have the tools and foundation to set them up for success.
  • Our instructors spend several hours throughout the week and weekend serving as mentors to scholars and supporting them in after-school activities.
  • Our teachers care and have a heart for teaching and reaching each scholar we serve.
  • Our teachers and instructional support staff understand the varied and unique developmental levels of our scholars and provide intense support to help them develop the skills they need socially and emotionally in addition to academically.

Safe Environment

Learning and thinking creatively can only be exercised when students feel safe in their surroundings. We create campus and classroom environments that are predictable, orderly, and physically and emotionally safe. In order to achieve this, we adhere to the following practices:

Each campus has a Director of Security who works with all staff to ensure we have safety procedures and policies in place to ensure safety for all scholars.

Our building is securely locked, and only the front door is accessible during the day. Visitors must ring the doorbell and identify themselves before we will open the front door and allow entry. Teachers keep their classroom doors locked at all times throughout the day. We require every visitor to check in at the front office and receive a visitor’s pass before allowing access to any part of the building beyond the front office.

We partner with the Little Rock Air Force Base to ensure our school environment is safe and secure throughout the year. We conduct all state-required safety drills in addition to special safety drills specific to Little Rock Air Force Base security protocols.

We maintain a constant pulse on scholar behavior, which allows us to act proactively in diffusing negative behaviors before they become a disruption or safety concern. We recognize that parents are our closest partners when it comes to maintaining a positive school culture and welcome you to speak with us if you have any concerns.

To and Through College

We support our scholars academically and work closely with them to navigate the sometimes daunting process of applying for college and financial aid. Our scholars are the proof that our programs work—85% of our graduating students matriculated to college in 2018!
To help our students reach their goals we:
Starting in kindergarten. we begin preparing our scholars for success in high school and beyond by planting the seeds to aspire to college and career. Each homeroom class adopts a college and mascot to learn about and represent for the year. We incorporate virtual college and university tours during each of our Town Hall assemblies with the scholars, exposing them to a variety of schools throughout the year. Our upper elementary classes participate in activities at local universities to learn and experience college life.
Our College and Career Advisory Team works closely with CPA scholars to provide access and exposure to comprehensive college and career workshops and resources focused on college. The class of 2018 had a 99% graduation rate, and of those, 85% went on to attend to colleges and universities.
We continue to support our scholars during their first two years of college. Our LCCAT Alumni Coach provides each scholar with an additional layer of support and resources to ensure they can succeed at the highest level.
We recognize that not every student will desire to pursue a collegiate path following graduation, so we take care to inform scholars of the many opportunities available at vocational and trade schools.
Our scholars gain exposure to a wide variety of schools throughout the school year by participating in college and university campus tours and through visits from recruiting agents of prestigious higher learning institutions. We focus on the many career fields that these particular colleges and universities specialize in so our scholars can see the exciting possibilities available to them after earning a degree from one of these institutions.